State Rules

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture requires all reptile and amphibian dealers and propagators (breeders) to be licensed through them. For more details the Departments contact information is provided below.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Please contact Mary Bates at (717)783-9550 ext. 211 for any questions on the proper licenses needed.
Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services
2301 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg , PA 17110-9408

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission prohibits the sale or possession of native Pennsylvania species. Fish and Wildlife agents are usually at the show. It is your responsibility to know the legality of what you intend to bring. For more details the Commissions contact information is provided below.

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission
1601 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg , PA 17110
(717) 705 – 7800