Here's what those who have attended the Expo had to say.

Malestroms Reptile Ranch

Oaks had the most diverse collection of insects I've ever seen at any exp including Hamburg, Some really neat animals were there too including the largest king snake ive ever seen and one heck of an amelanistic corn. Awesome variety of chameleons as well. I traded a tank for a nice black rat snake, cat eyed snake next on my list with some sand boas from 
Lee Frey one of the great vendors there. I saw my first 40k boa and 20k boa there too, wow! Plenty of frozen rodents, I was expecting the show to be much smaller from what id heard, I'm happy to say the rumors were all false, the show was a nice comfortable size and the selection was outstanding, you guys did an awesome job setting everything up, thank you!!

Here are some photos of the August 28, 2010 show at Oaks that I thought you
might find interesting/useful.  I am a regular at the Hamburg show but this
was my first time at Oaks.  I was really impressed with the wide isles, air
conditioning, cleanliness and well lit display tables.  It seemed like the
vendors went to a good bit of extra trouble to have their tables well lit
and beautifully organized and attractive.  I even bought two snakes that I
needed like a hole in the head because the venue just got me in a buying

Feel free to use these pictures in any way you see fit.

I really enjoyed myself and will be back with friends!

John Robinson



From: Katherine

Thank you. We went my son loved it. He bought a boa snake, bearded dragon, iguana and a crescent gecko. He was soooo happy.